Crop Turtleneck Tops

Addison Gonzalez
11 min readApr 9, 2024



Get ready to boost your wardrobe with the latest fashion trend taking the fashion world by storm — the crop turtleneck top! This versatile and stylish piece of clothing is perfect for all occasions and can easily be dressed up or down. In this roundup article, we will be showcasing the top crop turtleneck tops available in the market, providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision on which one to add to your collection.

The Top 5 Best Crop Turtleneck Tops

  1. Comfy Crop Long Sleeves Mock Turtleneck for Everyday Wear — Experience ultimate comfort and flexibility with the CRZ Yoga Women’s Slim Fit Butterluxe Yoga Crop Long Sleeves Mock Turtleneck, an all-day essential for workout enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
  2. Chic Turtleneck Crop Top by ASOS Design — Embrace comfort and style with ASOS Design’s Turtleneck Rib Crop Sweater — a versatile, lightweight crop top featuring wide ribbing that accentuates your figure and pairs perfectly with statement bottoms.
  3. Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top with Raw-Cut Edge & Thumbholes — Experience comfortable, stylish, and supportive activewear with the Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top in Black by Oh Polly S — perfect for your workout routine or casual look.
  4. Gray-Melange Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top — Stay cozy and on-trend this fall with the Edikted Honor Gray-Melange Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top, a versatile and comfortable addition to your wardrobe.
  5. Chic Cropped Turtleneck Sweater — Cream — Stay cozy and stylish with this trendy cropped turtleneck turtle neck knit, featuring an open shoulder design and asymmetric hem for a sophisticated look.

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Comfy Crop Long Sleeves Mock Turtleneck for Everyday Wear

Comfy Crop Long Sleeves Mock Turtleneck for Everyday Wear | Image

I had the opportunity to try on the CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Mock Turtleneck, and I must say, the experience was delightful. The fabric is incredibly soft and super stretchy, offering a luxurious comfortable experience. The slim fit and crop length make it perfect for layering under my favorite workout attire or wearing it as a casual outfit.

The high neck design is not only stylish but also practical, keeping my neck and upper body cozy during outdoor activities. However, I noticed that it felt a bit restrictive around the neck area, which was unexpected given this design.

My favorite aspect of this top, aside from the fit, is that it’s lightweight and perfect for various outdoor activities or daily wear when the weather is cool. Washing it in the machine is quick and easy, making it a hassle-free addition to my wardrobe. Overall, this CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Mock Turtleneck provided comfort and convenience, even though I did experience some slight neck restriction.

Chic Turtleneck Crop Top by ASOS Design

Chic Turtleneck Crop Top by ASOS Design | Image

I recently tried on the ASOS Design Turtleneck Rib Crop Sweater in Cream, and I must say, it caught my attention right off the bat. The wide ribbing that hugs my figure is both stylish and comfortable. I’ve been using it daily as a go-to sweater to complement my casual outfits.

One thing that stood out for me is the unique split cuffs on this turtleneck, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. The lightweight feel of the material makes it perfect for layering with other outfits too. However, I also noticed that it can be a bit tight around the neck, so those with thicker necks might want to size up.

When it comes to the material, it’s made of 88% polyester and 12% polyamide, which is not too bad. I did find it to be slightly see-through, but not enough to impact the overall style. The fit is comfortable, and I’ve received quite a few compliments on the sweater’s unique design.

That being said, I’ve noticed a few issues regarding the quality of the product. One reviewer mentioned that the turtleneck became see-through over time, and another mentioned that they had to return it as the material felt cheap in person compared to the product photos.

Overall, while the ASOS Design Turtleneck Rib Crop Sweater in Cream has its pros such as the figure-hugging fit and split cuffs, there are cons that you need to be aware of. I’d recommend it for those who prioritize style and unique design, but not for those who are looking for top-notch quality.

Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top with Raw-Cut Edge & Thumbholes

Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top with Raw-Cut Edge & Thumbholes | Image

I recently added the Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top in Black from Oh Polly S to my wardrobe, and I must say, it’s become a staple in my daily outfit rotation. The crop top’s design is both stylish and functional, making it perfect for both my active lifestyle and casual days.

The raw-cut edge and gathering on the turtleneck add a unique touch, while the long fitted sleeves with thumbholes ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The cropped length makes it easy to pair with high-waisted pants or skirts, and the black color adds a classic touch.

I appreciate the exposed contour stitching and the Bo&Tee logo at the nape, as it adds a subtle yet chic detail to the overall design. The pull-on design is both easy and practical, and the stretchy Soft Active fabric makes it perfect for a supportive and comfortable wear.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the cropped length might not be suitable for everyone, and it’s essential to check the sizing information before purchasing. Additionally, the fabric may require gentle washing to maintain its quality.

Overall, the Soft Active Turtleneck Crop Top in Black from Oh Polly S is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, and I highly recommend it for those seeking both style and functionality in their clothing.

Gray-Melange Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top

Gray-Melange Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top | Image

I’ve been living in this Edikted Honor Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top in Gray-Melange during the colder months. This cozy number is a game-changer in my wardrobe, and I can’t imagine falling in love with a turtleneck crop top any more than I do now. The 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend feels like a dream against my skin, and the turtleneck is perfect for keeping me snuggly indoors.

I’ve found that it pairs seamlessly with a variety of outfits, from jeans and boots to leggings and sneakers. And, let’s be real — it’s a cropped top, so it won’t cling to your body or give you the dreaded “muffin top” that other long-sleeved tops are infamous for. It’s a fantastic basic for your fall closet, and I can’t wait to bust it out every time the temperature drops.

Chic Cropped Turtleneck Sweater — Cream

Chic Cropped Turtleneck Sweater - Cream | Image

Elevate your wardrobe game with this trendy Women’s Shoulder Cutout Turtleneck Crop Sweater that boasts an asymmetrical hem, cropped fit, and open-shoulder design. The thick, mid-to-heavy weight fabric keeps you warm and toasty on chilly days, while the unique exposed shoulders and wavy hemline turn heads at every occasion. Available in a cream hue, this eye-catching piece effortlessly transitions from day to party, making it a must-have in any stylish woman’s closet.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for Crop Turtleneck Tops. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the essential features and considerations for purchasing the right crop turtleneck top to suit your style and needs. Let’s get started!


Material and Comfort

The material of a crop turtleneck top is an essential factor to consider, as it impacts comfort, durability, and style. Common materials include cotton, wool, and synthetic blends. Look for lightweight, breathable materials, particularly for warmer climates. Consider a blend of materials to balance comfort and durability. A well-fitting crop turtleneck top should be comfortable to wear and not restrict movement.

Fit and Size

A crop turtleneck top should ideally fit snugly but not too tightly. It should be comfortable around the neck and shoulders without causing discomfort or restricting breath. Pay attention to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to find the most suitable size for your body type. Be sure to consider any additional features like extra length or adjustable cuffs to ensure a perfect fit.


Design and Style

Crop turtleneck tops come in various designs and styles, each catering to different preferences and occasions. Consider factors like the neckline, sleeve length, and overall silhouette. Look for a design that flatters your body shape, enhances your strengths, and complements your personal style. Opt for versatile colors and patterns that can easily be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe.

Price and Budget

Before making a purchase, set a realistic budget for the crop turtleneck top. Premium materials and high-end brands can command higher prices. However, there are also plenty of affordable options available that offer good value for money. When shopping, consider the combination of quality and price. Look for a crop turtleneck top that offers the best balance for your budget while meeting your expectations in terms of features and style.



What is a crop turtleneck top?

A crop turtleneck top is a type of clothing that covers the upper part of the body, typically reaching the mid-chest or waist. It features a rolled or rounded neckline that extends down the chest for a chic and stylish fit. These tops come in various materials, colors, and styles to suit different fashion preferences and occasions.

Crop turtleneck tops are popular among women due to their versatility, comfort, and trendy look. They can be worn with pants, skirts, or even leggings, and are perfect for casual outings, work, or special events. You can also layer multiple crop turtleneck tops or combine them with jackets, cardigans, or scarves for a more sophisticated look.


How do I choose the right crop turtleneck top for my body type?

Choosing the perfect crop turtleneck top for your body type depends on a few factors. First, consider the length and fabric of the top. A crop top that reaches the mid-chest or waist will flatter most body types. In terms of fabric, lighter and flowy materials tend to be more flattering compared to heavier or tightly-made fabrics. Avoid crop tops made of very thick or heavy fabrics, as they can add bulk and unflatteringly highlight certain areas.

Second, consider the fit of the crop top. A well-fitting crop turtleneck top should be snug but not constricting, and should allow for easy movement. Opt for a crop turtleneck that flatters your figure, rather than simply following fashion trends. Adjustable features, such as drawstrings or elastic bands, provide the flexibility to customize the fit for your body type.

What are the benefits of wearing a crop turtleneck top?

Crop turtleneck tops offer several benefits for both fashion and functionality. Firstly, they provide warmth and coverage, making them suitable for cooler weather or layering with other clothing pieces. The extended neckline adds a touch of sophistication and style, while being practical and versatile.

Secondly, crop tops can accentuate and highlight specific body parts, such as the waist or upper body. By focusing on these areas, wearers can easily create an illusion of longer torso and leaner figure. This can be especially beneficial for those who are taller or have long legs and a shorter torso, as the crop top can be a stylish solution to balancing proportions.


What types of fabric are commonly used for crop turtleneck tops?

Crop turtleneck tops come in a variety of fabrics suitable for different occasions and style preferences. Some of the most popular fabrics for these tops include cotton, knitted or jersey fabrics, silk, and viscose. Cashmere and wool are also popular choices for crop turtleneck tops, providing warmth, comfort, and a luxurious appeal.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and silk, are ideal for warmer climates and paired with shorts or skirts. In contrast, thicker knit or wool fabrics can be suitable for colder weather and layered under coats or jackets. It’s essential to choose a fabric that suits your personal needs and desired look, as well as complementing your outfit.

Are crop turtleneck tops only available for women?

Although crop turtleneck tops are primarily designed for women due to their generally shorter and fitted styles, there are also variations of the crop top available for men. Men’s crop turtlenecks usually have a boxy fit and longer length, accommodating for differences in body shape and style preferences. Some men’s crop turtlenecks also feature zippers or buttons for convenience and easier layering.

Those who identify as non-binary or androgynous may also find crop turtleneck tops suitable for their ensembles. It’s essential to choose a crop top that aligns with your personal style and body type, regardless of gender identity or fashion trend. Remember to consider key factors, such as fit, fabric, and occasion, when selecting the perfect crop turtleneck top for your wardrobe.

How can I style a crop turtleneck top for different occasions?

Crop turtleneck tops are versatile garments that can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. For a casual look, combine your crop top with jeans, denim shorts, or leggings, and accessorize with a statement belt, bracelets, or a cropped cardigan. Pairing the crop top with distressed denim or khaki pants creates a chic and laid-back vibe.

To dress up your crop turtleneck top for more formal events, layer it under a tailored blazer or a structured jacket. Accessorize with statement jewelry, heels, or a classic clutch for elevated elegance. You can also wear your crop turtleneck top with a midi or maxi skirt, combined with knee-high boots or heeled sandals for a stylish and feminine ensemble. Experimenting with different styles and accessories ensures that your crop turtleneck top can be a fashionable and practical addition to your wardrobe.

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